Jake has a chat with legendary guitarist, Blues Saraceno. Blues began making guitar albums in his teens, and continued on to play with Cream, as well as Poison. Currently, you can hear his music on just about every TV show and Commercial in existence. Blues and his guitar are mic’d up and ready to go, so have a listen!


7 Replies to “BLUES SARACENO”

  1. Amazing podcast! I love Blues so much, huge fan! Im in CT too and owned a recording studio back in the day and recorded Street Legal after Blues left, I was so bummed out!

  2. This is a great interview!

    Blues mentioned that he performed the solo on Can’t Fight Fate, by Cher. I couldn’t find anything by that name from Cher but I found a song by that name performed by Taylor Dayne (1989). Listening to the solo, I recognize Blues’ style. That’s got to be it.

  3. Great interview! I stumbled across Blues when I heard his dark country stuff used in TV series. I had to find out who the hell it was playing. I then discovered how much of his music is used in TV and commercials. Been a fan for several years now.

    Once again, great interview. You let him tell his story and guided the conversation along to make sure the key subjects were discussed.

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