This week Jake sits down with renowned Cellist and Composer, Martin Tillman. Martin has worked in the studio with some of the biggest musicians in the world, composed with Hans Zimmer on projects like Black Hawk Down as well as others, and has scored many of his own projects as well. Recently, Martin scored the Emmy Nominated HBO Doc, Cries From Syria. Listen as they discuss all this and more!


We are beyond excited to have Sean Callery on the show this week. Our host headed out to Sean’s studio in Los Angeles to discuss his recent Emmy nomination for Jessica Jones, and of course his work on Homeland, 24, Elementary, and so much more. The two dive into his creative process, his inspirations, how he approaches the score for specific characters in his shows, and his study of actors to aid him in the scoring process. It was a fascinating chat, so sit back and have a listen!


Our host heads back to Santa Monica to have a chat with Extreme Music CEO Russell Emanuel. Along with starting one of the most successful music catalogues of all time, Russell also started Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop, where they have scored some amazing projects such as Planet Earth 2, The Simpsons and the upcoming Netflix Film “The Package.” Jake and Russell discuss the rise of Extreme Music and much more. Have a listen!