Incredibly Talented Composer Tangelene Bolton Joins the show to discuss her work on Netflix’s Warrior Nun Season 2. She absolutely crushed the score for this show and we are lucky enough to hear about her process, how she got started in the biz and of course all the nuances in her score and what it was like creating this epic music. The soundtrack for season 2 was also recently released so sit back and have a listen as Jake and Tangelene talk all things Warrior Nun!

Adam Lukas & James Everingham

James Everingham and Adam Lukas join the show to discuss the amazing work they did (with some help from Hans Zimmer) on The BBC’s Frozen Planet II. These composers discuss the varying challenges and adventures that come with scoring a series of this nature, and what it was like taking on such a huge task. Sit back and have a listen as the boys chop it up!