Co-Founder of Playing For Change, Mark Johnson, joins the show to discuss his group’s mission, and the amazing work they’ve been able to bring to the world through a variety of ventures such as “songs across the world.” The work that Mark and his musicians do is simply amazing so sit back and have a listen!



Composer, Producer, and CEO extraordinaire Kurt Farquhar joins the show to discuss the multitude of projects he’s working on. From The King of Queens to Black Lightning, Kurt has truly done it all. So sit back and have a listen as Kurt and Jake get into it!


Composers Matthew Margeson and Dominic Lewis join the show to discuss their glorious work on the score for The Kings Man. Working on an already established franchise, with such an incredibly renown director, came with a lot of responsibility, but they were able to navigate this wonderfully to develop a wildly exciting, but also touching, score. Sit back and enjoy as the guys grab some Whiskey (and water), and chop it up!

Caitlin Stafford Returns!

Caitlin Stafford graces us with her presence once again! This multi talented woman is not just an incredible singer/songwriter (half of the duo The Rigs), but she is also now an author! Jake and Caitlin discuss The Helpfulest Helper which is available now so go buy it before or after you sit back and have a listen to our wonderful chat.


Composer Genevieve Vincent joins the show to discuss her work on HBO Max’s “What Happened To Brittany Murphy?” and as always a whole lot more. She is also half of the glorious Electro-Pop duo darkDark which is truly dope, so you know we had to get into that as well! Sit back and have a listen as Jake & Genevieve chop it up!


Composer Torin Borrowdale joins the show to discuss his work on Netflix’s Locke & Key, seasons 1 and 2. Jake and Torin discuss the daunting task of scoring a show that has many different styles, for many different age groups, as well as how he approached the thematic elements of the score. So sit back and have a listen!


Dan and Milo join the show to discuss their work on the new Amazon series, “Maradona: Blessed Dream,” The Netflix series “Selena” and much more! These two talented Composers come equipped with Grammys and a passion for music that easily comes through in their work. So sit back and have a listen as we are finally back in action!


Recent Emmy winners Denise Santos & Adam Lukas join the show to discuss their work scoring the amazing Primates from PBS, working for a team like Bleeding Fingers, and much more. So sit back and have a listen as Jake, Adam, and Denise get into it!


Jake sits down with Extreme/Bleeding Fingers Music CEO (and former employer) Russell Emanuel. Russell has been a pioneer in his industry for decades now, and has truly changed the way we think of music in relation to Film and TV. Sit back and relax as these two chop it up about scoring The Simpsons, re-imagining “Imagine” for the Tokyo Games, and much more!

Click above to listen to “Imagine” as discussed in the episode!


Filmmaker Scott Abramovitch and Composer Kevin Krouglow join the show to discuss their film “Eat Wheaties!” starring Tony Hale, and the process behind delivering the best musical product possible for the film, and how they approached the task of making an incredible movie, without the help of a major studio. Sit back and have a listen!

Film Composer Kevin Krouglow in home studio playing Fender Telecaster