We are back and better than ever with a brand new sponsor! This episode is brought to you by Extreme Music, and features composer Jason Miller talking about his wide variety of projects, from working with Keyshia Cole & Kanye, to scoring The Odd Couple and many others. Have a listen and enjoy!


This week we are incredibly stoked to have The Rigs in studio! We discuss their latest album, their plethora of film/tv placements over the years, and of course, they play us a little ditty right here in the Do Me A Solid studios. See the video of their performance below!


This week we are joined by musician T.J. Stafford. He is a very accomplished musician with several very impressive TV and Film placements. He also plays an acoustic version of his song “Crazy” off his latest album, and he does so live in studio! We talk about a wide variety of things and as always I begin with my favorite recent TV/Film placements. Have a listen!




This week we talk to musical-comedian Jon Fisher! He plays one of his hilarious tracks in studio, and we have a lively convo about a slew of different topics. He’s a hilarious man, and this clearly comes through in our discussion. Sit back, and have a listen!


This week we have Composer & A Capella Singer Adam Gorgoni. We discuss singing the National Anthem at MSG & Staples, and we talk about what it’s like writing score for a variety of projects, and how his dad worked on Brown Eyed Girl! As always we get side-tracked but managed to talk about many an interesting topic!




This week we are honored to have Shelly Peiken in Studio! She wrote smash #1’s and 2’s such as “Bitch” and “What a Girl Wants.” We talk about what it was like writing those jams, as well as her work with S.O.N.A (songwriters of north america), helping to make sure songwriters get their fair share. Make sure to go get her amazing book, Confessions of a Serial Songwriter!


This week we are very excited to welcome Jackie Tohn to the studio. We talk about her role in David Wain’s new film coming out next year, her work as a musical comedienne, and her time as a finalist on American Idol! She even plays us one of her comedy jams live in studio! so have a listen!


This week we travel to Aaron Kaplan’s studio in Redondo Beach to discuss his wide variety of works in the TV world. He has provided score for shows like Duck Dynasty, as well as added his guitar skills to The Closer, Rizzoli and Isles, and many more. He has also supported artists like Rod Stewart and Beck in the studio. Have a listen and Enjoy!


Brian Jett joins the show this week to discuss his new film, FALLING STARS, as well as his last indie project which I music supervised, LET GO starring Ed Asner, Gillian Jacobs, David Denman, and Kevin Hart. We discuss the indie film industry as a whole in terms of the biz, and music of course. We also talk Pitbulls. Have a listen!

Tanvi Patel Joins the Show!

This week we have Crucial Music founder Tanvi Patel! Crucial Music is one of the best catalogues out there for affordable, yet fantastic music. You hear her tunes on literally every show you watch….trust me. I do some complaining about Quest For The Cup as always, and we play a lot of music throughout this ep! have a listen!