Jake sits down with Composer, and long time friend, Devin Gati for a chat about all things. Devin and his partner have composed for shows such as Hulu’s Deadbeat, and Pop Network’s NightCap. Devin is also an incredibly prolific music producer. Sit back and enjoy as two old pals chop it up! (Below we have the skates discussed in way too much length during this pod).


It’s not everyday you get to sit down with someone like Jim Davies, former guitarist for groups such as Pitchshifter and The Prodigy, as well as production music Guru who has been through it all! Listen as Jake and Jim discuss his illustrious career, getting into production music, and chat about his brand new album, “Headwars.” Sit back and have a listen!


Unorthodox Composer Antonio Gambale sits down with us to chat about his amazing work on this hit Netflix series. Unorthodox not only explores religious themes, but has a large musical touch to the story as well. Antonio and Jake discuss this and go deep into creating the various themes for the show. Sit back and have a listen as Jake and Antonio chop it up!


Composer Peter G. Adams joins the show to discuss his work on the current Quibi hit series, “Survive” starring Sophie Turner & Corey Hawkins. Adams discusses his process scoring for a series that has varying styles, and deals with emotional struggles as well as straight up action/thriller type vibes. Sit back and have a listen as Jake and Peter chop it up!


James Chapple joins the show representing VooDoo Highway Music Group, which composes animated shows such as Paw Patrol, and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Sit back and have a listen as James and Jake go deep into the process!


Chris & Elyse Willis join the show to discuss their prolific work on the music for Disney World’s brand new ride, “Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway.” Sit back and enjoy listening to this amazing husband and wife team discussing the magic they love creating together!


Jake chats it up with Composer/Violinist, Emer Kinsella. They discuss her work on projects such as “Orbit” and “St. Louis Superman,” and much more. So sit back and have a listen!


Composer Richard Marvin joins the show to discuss his illustrious career working on such gems as U-571, Six Feet Under, and of course, 3 Ninjas (1&2). Sit back and have a listen as Richard and Jake chop it up!


Composer Giancarlo Vulcano joins the Pod to talk about his work on the upcoming USA series, “Briarpatch,” starring Rosario Dawson. Vulcano is incredibly proud of his work on this show, as he should be. The score is not your run-of-the-mill sort of thing, bold choices were made, and the work speaks for itself. So sit back and have a listen and go checkout Briarpatch on USA, premiering February 6th.