About Me

 I am a Music Supervisor by trade, helping select the music for a variety of TV shows and Films (see IMDB link below), and have managed some of the best TV & Film composers in the business. If you don’t know what a Music Supervisor is, then what better reason to have a listen??

Here are Some things you may want to know about me (and if not, feel free to move on and have a listen, or don’t):

  • Went to High School In The Bronx, NY. And Park City, UT. And Halifax, VA. (Tell me about it).
  • Attended Syracuse University and Earned a Degree in Political Science. Was Neither Magna nor Summa Cum Laude.
  •  Worked In Music Supervision and Publishing for the last 10+ years.
  • As a young Music Supervisor assisted in selecting the music for shows such as Friday Night Lights & Parenthood.
  • For more credits see here: IMDB PAGE